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Efficiency at the heart of what we do with Everhot!

Behind the classic good looks you’ll find a modern, energy efficient heat storage range which is absolutely perfect for great cooking whilst gently warming your kitchen. Versatile and welcoming, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without an Everhot Cooker.

An Everhot is the most energy efficient range cooker on the market, handmade in their carbon negative factory in the Cotswolds. Everhot electric range cookers are available in seven sizes to fit any kitchen design, and 21 stunning colours to perfectly complement your interior style. From bold, striking brights to charming, heritage tones. 


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Join Everhot on a journey to creating your dream kitchen!


Everhot cookers offer you all the modern control of cooking. Make your Everhot the centre point of your kitchen to suit your busy lifestyle.


Everhot cookers come in a range of colours and sizes. Simply plug your Everhot into the wall with a 13 amp socket - needing no flue or a concrete base. 

Cost Overtime

Another added bonus is that the Everhot range of cookers averages less than half the running costs of most other traditional ranges.

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Everhot 100-110.JPG
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