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laminate worktops_Axboard-Fitted Kitchens.jpg

Laminate Worktops at Axboard!

Range of kitchen worktops developed with high impact resistance, superior cut quality for perfect joints and greater resistance to humid environments.


Available in two thicknesses, 30 mm and 38 mm, providing a feeling of firmness and robustness. The entire range is presented post-formed on the front, providing an image of continuity and avoiding joints that pick up dirt. We offer products similar to natural products in design and texture, suitable for contact with food, easy to clean, resistant and with an antibacterial treatment.

To ensure the longest possible service life, Axboard worktops come with a coated back and edged back. We also incorporated a sealing gasket on the front to prevent water from dripping into the cabinet.

Available in two thicknesses, 30 mm and 38 mm

High Impact Resistance

Excellent Performance

Superior Cut Quality

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