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Discover the future of kitchen
design in virtual reality with Axboard!

We use state of the art virtual reality design software to create your kitchen. This means you will be able to view your kitchen first-hand in four dimensions in your own home. Our VR kitchen design software allows us to design and create, the kitchen of your dreams! Take the stress away from your kitchen project by putting your mind at ease that your kitchen will be everything you have dreamed of and more...

Below are sample links that you can navigate around on your smart device right now. When you come to Axboard, we will give you the experience of a VR headset, allowing you to walk around your kitchen in the virtual world. If you are lucky enough to own an Oculus VR headset, key the links below into your headset and experience walking around these examples in VR now!

Why Choose VR Kitchen Design?

Step right in

Designing your kitchen in virtual reality allows you to instantly get a feel for your new design. Put your mind at ease by taking a tour of your new kitchen before anything is physically made.

Remove the risk

The most important room in your house is your kitchen. Redesigning your new kitchen can be daunting, so being able to see your kitchen up-front in VR allows you to make the necessary changes as you go and remove any risk.

Clifden Vintage Pink and Light Grey_Main Shoot_RGB.jpg

VR Kitchen Design 1

Aldana Viridian_Cameo 5_RGB.jpg

VR Kitchen Design 2

Zola Soft Matte Indigo_Cameo 2_RGB.jpg

VR Kitchen Design 3

VR Bedroom Design 1

VR Bedroom Design 2

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